Moolala Merchant Center

A unique way for customers to add offers to a daily deal site without the need for a salesman.

Research / UX Design / UI Design

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Order Management

Providing ways to easily filter down orders was the main goal, so the large input fields and search box took priority on the page. Orders could easily be selected for bulk actions to be taken for quick status changes.

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Deal Management

The main goal was for customers to self manage the deals that went live on the site. Deals were easily added in a typeform style form. Active and inactive deals could easily be turned on, off and deleted from one simple landing page. 


Moolala wanted to make it easier for clients to add and manage deals to the site. Our idea was to create a one stop shop where clients could log in and see data in a simple and visual manner while retaining intensive eCommerce functionally. The company shut down half way through the project but the first round of concepts were well received by the executive team.