Meadowlake Farm

A family owned honey farm with an organic storefront thanks to subtle textures and handwritten text styling.

Research / Content Strategy / UX Design / UI Design


A Handcrafted Design

Meadowlake Farm is a small, family owned business in Ohio. They wanted a unique website that was still easy to use and mobile friendly. Warm colors, hand written typography and textured elements fully support the hand crafted nature of their products. 


A Simple Shopping Experience

The target market for their products varied greatly. The team wanted to make sure that the site was as easy to navigate as possible, for customers young and old. Large product imagery in a simple grid with large product titles made it was simple as possible to explore their product range.


Clear & Informative

Meadowlake Farm puts extreme care into choosing the ingredients for their products and wanted to make sure that customers have easy access to this information. Multiple tabs with a description, ingredient breakdown and botanical backstories makes sure every customer feels completely educated before purchase.