Erin Condren Storefront

A refreshed storefront for Erin Condren that is modern and easy to navigate. The goals were to have clear hierarchy, a cohesive style, easy navigation and a mobile friendly experience. The Erin Condren site had many issues that resulted in a sub-par user experience. New customers didn't get a good sense of what the brand sold or what their story was. Returning customers had a hard time finding what products were new, what was on sale and navigating the site as a whole.

old-site copy.jpg

Problems to solve

  • Too Confusing: The homepage lacked a sense of hierarchy. When users landed on the page, how could they tell what was important? Everything was a similar size, with different colors and typefaces that made it hard to focus on any one thing.
  • No Cohesive Style: The different designers at Erin Condren didn't follow one style guide, so multiple competing fonts, colors and photographic styles were used that resulted in a chaotic style. 
  • Poor Navigation: The navigation featured multiple icons in various colors with no clear hierarchy. The navigation categories were hidden away in a push menu, so new users were unable to see what products Erin Condren carried at a glance. This also meant an extra click before any customer could start shopping. 
  • Poor SEO & Mobile Experience: The promotions on the homepage were flattened, unoptimized images that provided no SEO value and became illegible on mobile.


  • Clear Hierarchy: The main goal of the home page is to have clear hierarchy. New product releases, promotions, and secondary products will be seen in that order. Type size, image size and placement on the page smoothly guide users from most important news to lesser ones. 
  • A Refreshed & Cohesive Style: Establishing a style guide for the home page with header, paragraph, link and button styles that all designers must follow will elevate the storefront to match the quality of the products. 
  • Easy Navigation: The navigation would be a traditional horizontal navigation, with all top categories visible on load. Hover menus with subcategories with supporting images will result in a quick and easy navigation experience.
  • Mobile Friendly: With a high percentage of users visiting the Erin Condren site from mobile devices, the new storefront needed to be responsive.
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The new navigation featured all of the main categories at the top of the site. This gives new customers a solid understanding of what products Erin Condren carries. On hover, subcategories appear in easily scanned columns. Image blocks allowed specific products to be featured and gave customers a clear visual.

Product stories

Multiple blocks underneath the fold allowed secondary launches and news to be present on the homepage. These featured a large space for photography and a clear call to action to start shopping. Space for descriptive text helped explain the new launches to customers and allowed for SEO text to live on the storefront.

present mobile.jpg

Mobile Experience

The mobile site now featured live text so that headlines and descriptions are readable on the smallest devices. To showcase the large product line up, a push menu is used for navigation on devices smaller than a tablet. For easy access, the main categories are promoted on mobile devices separately from the push menu.



    The new site is modern and easier to navigate. New customers have a clear understanding of what the brand sells and returning customers are able to see what's new and on sale quickly. Rather than a plethora of sales right from the get go, the new storefront features beautiful imagery to sell a lifestyle instead. This results in a better first impression that showcases the heart behind the products instead of the price cuts. While staying true to the established brand style, the new design brought simplicity and ease of use to the forefront. 

    • Modern UI can be brought to an established brand: The large photographs allow the brand style to shine, while simpler typography and navigation results in an easy to use eCommerce experience. This allows the established brand style to still be the focus and the simple UI to be clean and concise.
    • Photography is the best tool to sell product: Our visitors are highly visual and details written out in paragraphs were often missed. The new storefront gives our customers the information they need with multiple visual selling points.