Updated EC Storefront

Improving the UX for a brand is never a completed job, there should always be efforts to improve and revise. This project had two goals; to make the various categories that Erin Condren offers more accessible on the homepage and to improve our ability to promote sales across the site. In addition to these goals, tweaks to spacing and typography were made to improve legibility and information hierarchy. 

final present ec 2.jpg
Updated Storefront.jpg

promotion bar

A common eCommerce practice is to use an eye-catching bar at the top of the screen to drive users to take specific actions and to inform them about limited time offers. I designed a simple and adaptable bar that could be activated during a promotional period to help drive attention to it. Before, sales were only promoted on the homepage, so if customers landed on a different page, they would miss this important information. 

Updated Storefront no Nav.jpg

visual category blocks 

Through our user testing, we found that new customers were sometimes unaware that Erin Condren had other categories separate from planners. To help make this clearer, I designed 4 simple blocks underneath the hero image that can be used to promote any category in a visual manner. For holidays we can focus these categories on gifts and at the start of the school year, shift to student & teacher related items. 



The past storefront refresh was a huge success. Conversion was up and bounce rate was down, but there's always room for improvement! After the first refresh, I monitored customer feedback and worked with the executive team to establish areas that needed further attention. 

  • Find current pain points through user testing, customer service monitoring and getting feedback from various departments. 
  • Always aim to refine, revise and improve your design work.
  • Continuously improve the user experience.